Yi-Hsuan Shih won the JUICE poster award, 12/31/2023

Yi-Hsuan Shih of the Multiple Myeloma Working Group, “Quantify racial differences in life expectancies and life years lost for populations with MGUS and multiple myeloma using discrete event simulation models”

Yi-Hsuan Shih won the 3MT competition (Links to an external site)

“To highlight the talent of graduate students at WashU and our international partners, a Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition showcased their research and projects in the four thematic areas for a chance to gain recognition and win cash prizes. “

Lawrence Liu won the 2023 CAHON Young Investigator award (Links to an external site)

” Association between excess body mass index trajectory and change in monoclonal protein level in patients diagnosed with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance” CAHON gives travel awards to Young Investigators to foster growth and achievement amongst CAHON’s early career or physician-in-training members. The award is based on the scientific merit of abstracts accepted to either the […]

Mei Wang won the ICTS award (Links to an external site)

Mei Wang, MS, was chosen as a winner in the 5th Annual ICTS Symposium poster competition in May 2023. Using Natural Language Processing Pipeline to Extract Lab Results in Veteran Health Administration’s Electronic Health Records.